Fitness Friday: Killer Leg Workout

For a lot of people, Friday is kinda the day of the week to slack off. But I don’t particularly like that approach to any day. Every day yields opportunity and possibility. I don’t always feel quiteee as gung ho as I might be sounding right now, but it’s a mindset type of thing. You have the choice every morning to wake up and seize the day OR to wake up and slack. Mindset. Anyway, I wanted to share with you two tidbits of inspiration that I came across today in addition to my killllaaaa leg workout.

First, this quote. Three key words here: vision, faith, confidence. Life is full of distractions. Distractions that cause me to confuse my vision for someone else’s, lose faith in a God I know is so faithful, become anxious about trivial things, doubt what I once was so sure of, and lack confidence in who I am. Mr. Schwarzenegger redirects all of that into something solid to hold onto each day.

Everything you have ever wanted, is-2

Second thing: a salesman/city council rep talked in one of my classes today. To be honest, I was completely turned off by his initial introduction because I generally associate sales and politics with greed, money, and power. However, to my surprise he left me with four crucial concepts to carry with me in my work and day-to-day interactions with people.

1. Listen – essentially, we are all in sales and we need to know our audience or the people we are selling to.
2. Hustle – actions speak louder than words. Work hard.
3. Be authentic – Stay true to who you are and be enthusiastic about what you do.
4. Prepare – You don’t always know when you have to give an elevator pitch. Be as ready as possible for any opportunity that might come along.

Listen, hustle, be authentic, prepare. Simple concepts, yes. But often overlooked. And just to be clear, hustling in this case does not mean making money by doing something slightly shady (as Urban Dictionary might suggest).

Anyway, Fitness Friday. I love Fridays, I love fitness, and I also have been absolutely loving my lower body workouts lately. Probably to the point that I’m giving quite a bit more attention to my legs and booty than my upper body…oopsie, sorry bis and tris!

On my walk home from the gym, I could already tell there was going to be a price to pay for today’s leg demolition. Bring on the soreness, baby.

I like to do my workouts with very little rest in between sets. That way I’m getting my cardio in too. But to give muscle groups a little bit of a breather, I’ll do a circuit or rotation of 2-4 exercises at a time. Here is today’s workout. Go show those legs who’s boss.


Bulgarian Split Squat
4 sets of 8 reps on each leg

Step ups
4 sets of 8 reps on each leg

Alternate exercise after each set. Ex: Do 8 bulgarian split squats on left leg, 8 bulgarian split squats on right leg, 8 step ups on left leg, then 8 step ups on right leg. Follow this same format for each rotation.


Stiff Legged Barbell Dead Lift
4 sets of 10 reps

Calf Raises
4 sets of 30 reps (10 toes out, 10 toes in, 10 regular)

4 sets of 12 reps


Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
4 sets of 15 reps

Wall Sits
4 sets; 60 sec, 55 sec, 50 sec, 45 sec

Squat jumps
4 sets of 10 reps

What are some of your favorite lower body exercises? What motivates you on days you feel like slacking off?


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