10 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight

Sleep. It’s a magical thing. It allows our body to repair and rejuvenate itself. It can decrease inflammation. It has been shown to ignite creativity. It contributes to less fatigue and more stamina. It positively impacts your metabolism. The list goes on. Sleep is crucial, and if you’re between the ages of 18-64, the magic number is 7 to 9 hours every night. Here are 10 ways to make those hours as wonderful as possible. So wonderful, you might just end up looking like this tonight.

cute baby

1. Get into a relaxing nighttime ritual.
A warm shower, journaling for ten minutes, a dim candle, soothing music, yoga poses. Find what works for you and get in a routine that allows you to unwind at night.

2. Avoid caffeine.
Try to minimize consuming chocolate, coffee, tea, and other foods/drinks that contain caffeine after noon each day. It can keep you up a lot longer than you think!

3. Exercise.
It improves sleep quality and anxiety. Just make sure to do it 3-4 hours before you head to bed.

4. Reserve the bedroom.
Keep it a safe haven for two things: sleep and sex.

5. Keep it cool.
The temperature in your bedroom should be less than 75 degrees to ensure a deeper sleep with less awakenings.

6. Don’t just lie there.
If you can’t seem to fall asleep for more than 20 minutes, get up and do something relaxing like reading. Your anxiety about not being able to fall asleep will do just that: not let you fall asleep.

7. Try lavender.
This aroma has been proven to help people with insomnia. Light a lavender candle or use a lavender essential oil on your skin before bed.

8. Dim the lights.
2-3 hours before sleep, lower the lights around the house. This signals your brain to make melatonin – a hormone that induces sleep.

9. Ban stress.
Don’t do stressful, work-related tasks just before bed. Your mind will race rather than dream.

10. Take five.
Think of five things you’re thankful for or five good things that happened during your day. Positive vibes, people, positive vibes.


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